UBC seminar 2017

Social sustainability: public life in streets and places

Union of the Baltic Cities | Planning Cities Commission Session

1st - 4th of October 2017, Oskarshamn (Sweden)

The municipality of Oskarshamn invites you to a seminar about Social sustainability. The theme of the seminar will be focusing on public life in streets and places. The main aim of the seminar is to reflect on how public streets and places can be made more attractive to frequently be visited by inhabitants and visitors. Questions as – How can we create a more dynamic and vibrant public life in our city? How can we encourage people to walk or use the bicycle instead of driving the car? will be analyzed and discussed during the seminar.

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Lena Saksi
Executive Director
Phone +46 491 76 45 60
E-mail: lena.saksi@oskarshamn.se

Regina Laine
Head of the Planning department
Phone +46 491 76 43 13
E-mail: regina.laine@oskarshamn.se