Information regarding the coronavirus

The risk of community transmission of the coronavirus in Sweden is currently very high, according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten).

The Municipality of Oskarshamn pays close attention to updated advice given by the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) on the coronavirus. The Municipality of Oskarshamn cooperates closely with other autorities and municipalities, and is ready to act on any new developments.

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Help reducing the spread of the virus

  • Stay at home if you feel unwell and have symptoms such as cough, fever, body ache or even just a stuffy nose. Avoid seeing other people than the ones you live with. Don’t go back to school or work until you have been symptom free for at least two days.  
  • You should avoid unnecessary visits to hospitals and care homes and never make a visit if you have any symptoms of respiratory infection.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Or use hand sanitizers.
  • The Foreign Office of Sweden advice against travelling abroad.

Help reducing the spread of the virus in other languages - The Public Health Agency of Sweden

If you have symptoms and need advice, please call the Kalmar Region health line 1177 (phone number +461177). The support line is answered and staffed by medical personnel.

1177 website

If you have questions about the coronavirus and covid-19, that are not related to symtoms, please call the national information line 113 13.

Protecting risk groups

The elderly are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus covid-19 infection. If you have cold symptoms or fever, do not visit care homes or hospitals. Please note that respiratory tract infections can be life-threatening to older people.

Even if you are symptom free, you should avoid visiting care homes. We must all do everything we can to minimize the spread of the virus. And by minimizing the number of visits, we protect the elderly from getting effected.

Recommendations to the elderly

If you are over the age of 70 recommendations are that you stay at home even if you are well. In this way you avoid being exposed to the virus. We understand that many find this difficult, but it’s important in this situation to ask your relatives or neighbours for help with grocery shopping and other errands.

Activities for the elderly will be cancelled

To minimize the spread of covid-19, elderly activities and meeting places (Träffpunkten) arranged by the Municipality will be cancelled until further noticed.

Schools and education

The Swedish Government has decided on temporarily changed regulations for Swedish schools. This will allow the head of each school to adapt education and school activities to situations occurring due to covid-19.

We receive many questions about when to keep children at home. The Public Health Agency of Sweden currently advices that children who don't show any symptoms can attend preschools and schools. But children and adults who show symptoms, even mild ones, shall stay at home until symptom free, and 48 hours after that.

City preschools and schools actively work to prevent transmission of the coronavirus, and preschool staff will contact parents and caretakers to come and pick up children who show respiratory symptoms, even mild symptoms.

If you as a parent or caretaker feel concern due to the coronavirus, and want your child to stay at home, you need to apply for absence based on the school’s regular routines.

Due to the Swedish government’s recommendation about distance education for high schools/upper secondary schools (gymnasieskolor) and adult study programs, the Municipality of Oskarshamn has deided to close all education at the Oscarsgymnasiet from 18 March 2020. Nova also closes its premises for teaching from 18 March.

Teaching for students in high school/upper secondary school (gymnasieskolan) and adult study programs as well as Nova will primarily be conducted digitally. Students in gymnasiesärskolan who are in need of care and who do not belong to a risk group are welcome to the school as usual.

Online tuition at Oscarsgymnasiet

From Wednesday (18 March), all tuition will be performed online. During Wednesday (18 March) and Thursday (19 March), the will be assigned assignments in Classroom. 

From Friday (20 March), all tuition will be performed through Google Meet. Assignments connected to each subject will be found in Classroom.  It is the teacher’s own responsibility to make sure that the schedule and lessons will continue as normal. The students must be present during the online lessons. If a student is sick, the student or the legal guardian must report this in skola24. 

Students on APL will be contacted by their teacher for further information.

Oscarsgymnasiet will be open daily from 8-16 if a student needs books or other equipment, such as chromebook.  

بخصوص التدريس الرقمي (عن بعد) في ثانوية اوسكار

بخصوص التدريس الرقمي (عن بعد) في ثانوية اوسكار

Information from the municipal Education Department to guardians and pupils in several languages

Information to guardians and pupils with advice from the Public Health Agency of Sweden on when children and pupils should be home from school.

Public events

The Swedish Government has decided to temporarily forbid arranging events and gatherings of more than 500 people (attendees, participators and staff included), indoor as well as outdoor.

This decision affects some of the Municipality operations, and events arranged by the Municipality.

Organisers of events will provide information to those who planned to attend events that will now be cancelled. If you have questions about already purchased tickets and such, information will be found on the website of the organiser. 

Avoid sharing unconfirmed information

We can all help by not spreading rumors, evaluate the source of information critically, and only share confirmed and reliable facts.

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