Notary Public

Where are the Notary Public?

Nina Ask, Master of Law, Notary Public, Visioner Advokatbyrå, 0491-106 05. Notary Public in neighboring municipalities can then be of service.

What does a Notary Public?

A notary public will help the public, including:
• attesting signatures, transcripts, translations and about the content of documents
• attending as a witness in certain cases
• confirming that someone is authorised to do certain things or that someone is competent or in a position to represent someone
• issuing 'apostilles'
• after checks or investigations, providing an account of her/his observations

Good to know before your visit

Before you visit us, you must find out for yourself what it takes to make your particular document legalized, this is not included in the notary commissioned to find out for you. Here are some pointers for your visit.
• Documents where your signature must be witnessed requires your personal visit to our office and that you sign in the presence of a notary public.
• If copies must be certified, then the original document must be brought to the office.
• The authentication of adoption documents must be supplied to us. The processing time is between 1-3 days. Include the instructions from the adoption agency.
• A document may contain information that you want the notary must certify, then you must have with you evidence for what is in the document.
• You will have to show valid ID document. We accept Swedish and foreign passports, Swedish driving licences and Swedish SIS-marked ID cards.
• If you want us to prove that you are the authorized signatory, you must show a recent / valid extract from the Companies Registration Office with proof of authorization.
• The processing time varies, but we try to deal with a notary public affairs during the same day.
• If you have difficulty to understand and convey you in Swedish or English - bring an interpreter. A notary public must be able to understand / make herself understood in order to carry out its mission.
• If you need help to produce a document that you thereafter assigns a notary public to certify, you have to get help with that from another office.
• To be able to legalize a translation, you must hire one of the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency certified translators (see contact information below).


By international agreement, an apostille can be issued for documents that are to be used in another country that is party to the Convention. When an apostille stamp is attached to a document, it is exempted from all forms of further validation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a foreign embassy. Examples of such documents:
•Documents issued by government authorities (e.g. the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the Swedish Road Administration, the Medical Products Agency and the National Board of Health and Welfare) and by Swedish courts
•grades/certificates from universities, higher education institutions, municipal schools (not independent schools)
•documents signed by a another Notary Public or by the Swedish Trade Federation
•translations by an authorized translator
•extracts from the birth and marriage registers
A document which must be endorsed with an apostille must bear the stamp / signature of competent authority / person in the original. A printed name and details of the person's position at the Authority is also required.

Price list

Prices for our most common services (all prices include VAT, SEK = Swedish Krona) We only accept cash payment from private customers. Please bring even money:
• Legalisation of a signature on a document, SEK 300. Additional signatures on the same document, plus SEK 50 / signature.
• Legalisation of the name and authorisation of an authorised signatory on a document, SEK 400. Additional names on the same document, plus SEK 100/name.
• Legalisation of a photocopy, on presentation of the original, SEK 200
• Attestation/Affidavit, SEK 400 Apostille, SEK 400

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Kontakta Servicecenter

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