Information regarding the coronavirus

The Municipality of Oskarshamn pays close attention to updated advice given by the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) on the coronavirus. The Municipality of Oskarshamn cooperates closely with other autorities and municipalities, and is ready to act on any new developments.

Regional recommendations

On Thursday 27 May, the County Medical Officer for Communicable Diseases in Kalmar County decided that most of the regional recommendations will be lifted from Monday 31 May. What remains is the recommendation on using face mask in the event of an established infection in the workplace.

More about the regional recommendations on Region Kalmar County's website (in Swedish)

The Government’s plan for phasing out restrictions

On Thursday 27 May, the Government presented its plan for phasing out the restrictions that were put in place in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Government plans to adapt and phase out the restrictions that were put in place to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The plan is divided into five stages starting from 1 June. Prior to each stage, an assessment will be made based on the spread of infection, pressure on healthcare services and levels of vaccination coverage in the population.

  1. The first stage will begin on 1 June 2021 and involve a number of easing measures, such as new participation ceilings for general gatherings and public events. In addition, the Public Health Agency of Sweden will no longer advise against tournaments and camps for children.
  2. The second stage is planned to begin on 1 July 2021. This stage will see, for example, the further extension of opening hours at venues serving food and drink, and the advice to only meet people in your immediate circle will be removed.
  3. The third stage is provisionally set to start on 15 July 2021. The restrictions on long-distance public transport and regulations limiting the number of people per square metre in indoor and outdoor settings are planned to be removed. 
  4. It is estimated that the fourth stage will begin in September 2021.  The plan is to remove restrictions on participant numbers for public gatherings, public events and private gatherings, among other things. Restrictions in the restaurant sector will also be eased.
  5. No date has been set for the fifth stage. This stage will involve lifting all remaining restrictions, including rules to prevent crowding in shopping venues and for cultural and leisure activities. The general recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden on avoiding crowds, working from home and maintaining particularly careful hand hygiene will be lifted.

In the event of a changed or worsening situation, the plan may need to be amended.

The Government’s plan for phasing out restrictions (in Swedish)

National regulations and general advice to reduce the spread of covid-19

Stricter national regulations and general advice come into force about everyone's responsibility to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Everyone in society has an obligation to take measures to prevent the spread of infection.

You have a personal responsibility to protect yourself and others from the spread of Covid-19. As of December 14, you are obliged to:

  • limit new close contacts by only hanging out with the people we normally meet. For example, it could be those we live with or just a few friends or relatives outside the household.
  • avoid being part of several different groups.
  • hang out outdoors if possible and keep as much distance as possible.
  • avoid being close to each other, especially in smaller spaces for an extended period of time.
  • avoid crowded places and, if possible, shop alone.
  • avoid traveling unless necessary. If necessary, the travel should be carried out in a way that minimises the risk of spreading infection.
  • use a face mask during weekdays from 7 am to 9 am and from 4 pm to 6 pm when traveling with public transport where a seat ticket is not offered. This applies to people born in 2004 and earlier.
  • conduct sports and leisure activities in a way that minimizes the risk of infection
  • work from home as often as possible.

The decision also includes stricter general recommendations for workplaces and businesses – such as shops, shopping centres and sports facilities.

  • All businesses should take steps to ensure that each and every one can follow the general recommendations. Employers should take measures such as encouraging personnel to work from home, offering more opportunities for remote work and postponing business travel, conferences and other physical meetings.
  • Other businesses can minimise the number of visitors present on their premises at the same time, adapt opening hours or offer digital alternatives.

Oskarshamn Municipality is taking the following measures

Due to stricter national regulations and general guidelines, the Oskarshamn Municipality is taking the following measures. The list of actions will be updated regularly.

Oskarshamn municipality as an employer has tightened the restrictions for meetings, travel and training for employees, and encourages those who can work from home to do so - but there are of course many businesses that can not be run remotely.

Culture and leisure

The sprot facilities

The sports facilities indoors are closed. Exceptions are made for association-run activities.

Public swimming pool

On June 7, the swimming pool will open in a limited form. To visit the swimming pool, advance booking is required. Drop-in visits are not allowed. Read more about what applies and how to book your visit (in Swedish).

The swimming pool is open to association-run activities, swimming school and primary school swimming lessons.

During weeks 28–31 (July 12–August 8), the swimming pool is completely closed.

The changing rooms for the swimming pool are closed for customers to the gym.

Motionsgården in Havslätt

Motionsgården in  Havslätt is closed.

Community youth centre

Community youth centres are open.

Library and Kulturbussen

The City Library, the public library branches and Kulturbussen are closed as meeting places and are only kept open for lending books and other media. The following applies from January 4 2021:

  • Regular opening hours (regular timetable for Kulturbussen's general tours)
  • Only lending of books and other media
  • No newspaper reading
  • No studies
  • No access to public computers
  • No possibilities for printing or copying

The school libraries are part of the school's activities and as long as the schools are open, the school libraries are still open.

The City Library offers take-away loans –  You can call the City Library and tell which books you want to borrow. When we have collected your books, we will call you and agree on when it is convenient for you to pick up the books. We meet you outside the library so you do not have to go inside. Telephone number of the City Library: 0491-880 10.

Museums and art galleries

The Döderhultar Museum, the Maritime Museum and Oskarshamn Art Gallery are closed.

School and education

School cafeteria

The school cafeterias are open with adaptations. Serving for external guests is closed.


Oscarsgymnasiet continues with distance studies also in the last two weeks of the spring term. But slightly more students will have teaching on site at the school. At least 50 percent of the students will be taught at the school from 31 May 2021 until 11 June. Affected students will receive a more detailed information via the school, about which days they have distance learning and which days they have teaching on site.

The upper-secondary special school continues to conduct its activities on site in the school's premises.

Students enrolled at Oscarsgymnasiet, can continue to order lunch boxes according to the same routines as before for the days they do not have teaching on site at school.

From Wednesday March 10th, two lunch dishes will be served at Oscarsgymnasiet.

Open preschool

Open preschool Trollsländan is closed.

School of Arts

Where it works, operations continue digitally. Some individual tuition and group tuition may continue with local adaptation for children born in 2002 or later. 

Komvux and SFI

Until June 11 2021 Komvux conducts all of the teaching digitally. Excluded are Yrkesvux, Lärvux and SFI course A.


Nova switches to digital teaching.

Elderly care and activities for elderly

Meeting places for elderly

To minimize the spread of covid-19, our meeting places for elderly (Träffpunkten) are closed until further notice.

The restaurants Solbacka and Nyhem

The restaurants Solbacka and Nyhem are only open for take-away.

Other activities

Miljöhuset Återbruk

Miljöhuset Återbruk does not collect things from homes of private individuals.


Kalejdo has paused all physical meetings and activities. The groups that can be held digitally are held via Teams and as live broadcasts in "Group for Kalejdo" on Facebook.

When may children and students attend preschool and school despite having mild symptoms

Starting on the 10th of September, the following applies:

  • Preschool children sometimes have mild symptoms, which quickly go away and are not signs of illness. In that case, the child does not need to stay home from preschool. This kind of symptoms includes, for example, a single cough or having a runny nose after having been outside. 
  • If a guardian is sick, he or she should not leave or pick up their children at a preschool or school.
  • Children and students of all ages living with someone who has covid-19 are recommended to stay at home.
  • Children and adults that get symptoms which pass quickly (for example, if you wake up feeling slightly ill but feel completely well already the next day) do not need to be tested for covid-19. However, in order to be sure that you do not get sick, you need to remain at home, being symptom free, for an additional two days. After this, you may return to preschool, school, work and other activities.  
  • To be tested for covid-19 in Region Kalmar County, you should have had any of the following symptoms for at least 24 hours: coughing, fever, runny nose, blocked nose, sore throat, diarrhoea or a loss of taste and smell. You can read more about testing at Young people between the ages of 13 and 17 need to log in to themselves to order a test for covid-19. At you can read more about how young people can get BankID or Freja eID Plus, which is needed to log in (in Swedish)
  • If the child or student has not received their test result within seven days after the illness started, but has been healthy and fever-free for the past two days, it is possible to return to preschool, school or another of our activities.
  • As students are home from school due to symptoms, they are not alowed to participate in other activities organized by the municipal Education Department. Examples of such activities are community youth centres and school of arts.

City preschools and schools actively work to prevent transmission of the coronavirus, and preschool staff will contact parents and caretakers to come pick up children who show respiratory symptoms, even mild symptoms.

Children and students should only be dropped off and picked up by persons that are healthy and symptom-free.

If you as a parent or caretaker feel concern due to the coronavirus, and want your child to stay at home, you need to apply for absence based on the school’s regular routines.

Information i arabic (pdf).

Information in other languages

Help reducing the spread of the virus

  • Stay at home if you feel unwell and have symptoms such as cough, fever, body ache, shortness of breath or even just a runny nose.
  • Avoid seeing other people than the ones you live with.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Or use hand sanitizers.
  • Keep your distance from other people, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Be careful when visiting people who are aged 70+ or belong to an at-risk group. 
  • Avoid large social gatherings. 
  • The Foreign Office of Sweden advice against travelling abroad.

Help reducing the spread of the virus in other languages - The Public Health Agency of Sweden

If you have symptoms and need advice, please call the Kalmar Region health line 1177 (phone number +461177). The support line is answered and staffed by medical personnel.

1177 website

If you have questions about the coronavirus and covid-19, that are not related to symtoms, please call the national information line 113 13.

Protecting risk groups

The elderly are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus covid-19 infection. Please note that respiratory tract infections can be life-threatening to older people.

We must all do everything we can to minimize the spread of the virus. 

Avoid sharing unconfirmed information

We can all help by not spreading rumors, evaluate the source of information critically, and only share confirmed and reliable facts.

Swedish authorities on the coronavirus